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Welcome to the
Scarborough & District Group
of IAM RoadSmart

Formally The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)

The group is for both drivers and riders
and serves Scarborough and all surrounding areas.

Images of a car and a bike indicating that the IAM Road Smart is for both motorists and bikers

An Introduction To The Group

Whether you are a newly qualified driver/rider or have many years experience would you like to improve your driving/riding skills, be safer on the road and reduce your chances of having an accident? Maybe you would like your driving/riding to be more relaxed and enjoyable so that you can confidently handle the variety of situations that you come across?

IAM RoadSmart promotes road safety by providing Advanced Driver and Advanced Rider courses by offering an Associate Membership Scheme whereby Associate Members receive guidance to enable them to become a better driver/rider. By the end of their course the Associate should be able to take, and pass, the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving/Riding Test.

The Scarborough & District Group always welcomes new members, we encourage participation from young and old at all levels of experience. We recognise that greater skills in driving and riding lead to more enjoyment as well as increased safety.

We also have a social side and have regular meetings at The Street which is in William Street Car Park in Scarborough. The Motorcycle Section also have regular meetings in Scarborough and a full programme of ride–outs.

If you are interested in improving your driving or riding skills, then please explore the website to find out how we can help.

We wish you happy and safe motoring and motorcycling.

Whatever your standard of driving or riding
you will benefit from our one to one courses.


This Is A Scam !!!

On Monday 1st August in the Ryedale area a couple were flagged down whilst in their vehicle by a young Asian male, when they spoke with him he stated he had run out of petrol and had no money to buy any, he offered his gold ring in exhange. This is a scam, if you are approached/flagged down please contact North Yorkshire Police 101 giving all details especially the car registration number.


An e–mail From A Successful Associate

Our Chief Observer, Christine Roberts, has recently received an e–mail from Alison who has just passed the Advanced Driving Test, it reads;
“Very pleased to inform you that I passed my Advanced Driving test on Sunday 24th May 2015, would you please pass on my total appreciation particularly to Janet Bate, Christine Roberts and Phil Brown for their remarkable patience and tremendous teaching that enabled me to reach my goal I am forever in their debt, I am so delighted that I have been part of the course and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Will please forward this to the Committee members. Thank-you.
Kind Regards, Alison”